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List of Special Native American Programming in November 2015
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View All Program Highlights for the Month of November


Pictured: program title graphic Yoopera!
When you combine Yoopers and Oopera (the Finnish word for opera), you get an exuberant, operatic, and inspirational celebration of local history and culture. This documentary tells the story of how a legacy of family stories and local history inspired the creation of a major opera ('Rockland")and a widespread community celebration of heritage in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Tuesday, November 24 at 1 pm ET

Pictured: program title graphic Red Metal: The Copper Country Strike of 1913
An epic labor strike that devastated Michigan’s Copper Country in 1913 haunts the American labor movement to this day. Among the notable elements of that strike was the death of 73 children at a union Christmas party, a tragedy immortalized by Woody Guthrie in his ballad “1913 Massacre,” performed in the film by Steve Earle. The event remains the deadliest unsolved manslaughter in U.S. history. This program traces the Copper Country strike from its hopeful start to its heartrending conclusion. Between those endpoints, it explores the intensifying battle between organized labor and corporate power, as well as issues of immigration and technology.
Tuesday, November 24 at 2 pm ET

Pictured: Roger Rees as William Bradford at Plimoth Plantation. Pilgrims: American Experience
Discover the harrowing and brutal truths behind the Pilgrims’ arrival in the New World and the myths of Thanksgiving. Director Ric Burns explores the history of our nation’s beginnings in this epic tale of converging forces. Pictured. Roger Rees as William Bradford at Plimoth Plantation.
Tuesday, November 24 at 8 pm ET
Repeats 11/26 at 1 pm ET

Pictured: Dramatic re-enactment, Jamestown colonists. Actors from left to right: Greg Crowe, Caroline Mohler, Timothy Buck, and Brian Coughlan. Secrets of the Dead
“Jamestown's Dark Winter”

Follow forensic anthropologists as they excavate the early American colony and uncover dark secrets. What do the newly discovered bones of a 14-year-old English girl reveal about what really happened during the winter of 1609? Pictured: Jamestown colonists in a dramatic re-enactment.
Tuesday, November 24 at 10 pm ET


“Living Wonders”

Witness wonders created by the force that makes our planet unique—life itself. In the Amazon, boys face fierce animals in a rite of passage and a Bangladeshi father and son brave killer bees and man-eating tigers to find honey.
Wednesday, November 25 at Noon ET

Pictured: Program title graphic Sacred Stick
This film examines the historical, cultural, and spiritual aspects of lacrosse. From the ancient Maya to the world famous Iroquois Nationals team, this program explores the cultural diffusion and transmutation of a uniquely indigenous sport that, like Native people themselves, adapted and endured within the dominant culture. This film is intended for both a general audience, for whom lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the country, and a Native American-specific audience for whom lacrosse has deep cultural meaning.
Wednesday, November 25 at 1 pm ET

Pictured: Kyyanlyn Eagle Shield and Tipiziwin-Young. Rising Voices/Hothaninpi
Before Christopher Columbus and his fellow Europeans arrived in North America, there were nearly 300 Native languages spoken north of Mexico. Today only half of those languages remain and experts say that by the year 2050, just 20 indigenous American languages will exist. RISING VOICES/HOTHANINPI is a one-hour documentary about how languages die - and how speaking them again can spark cultural and community restoration. The film focuses on the Lakota (often called "Sioux") language and culture, the history that forced the language towards near extinction, and the challenges Lakota face today as they struggle to learn their ancestral language and teach it to their children. The documentary is a portrait of a culture in flux, focusing on the myriad conflicts around the disappearing language on the Lakota reservations of North and South Dakota. The Lakota nation is large, with more than 170,000 tribal members, and that number is growing. Yet only 6,000 people still speak Lakota, and the average age of its speakers will soon be 70 years old. Can the Lakota elders transmit the power of history and tradition, especially in the form of language, or will the heart and soul of their culture die with them? To examine this question, RISING VOICES introduces viewers to a range of people, including the teachers working to save the language and the Lakota trying to learn their ancestral tongue. Woven through the documentary are also short first-person films made by Lakota filmmakers - stories that illustrate the strong connections the artists have between the Lakota language and their everyday lives.
Wednesday, November 25 at 2 pm ET

Pictured: Two ring-tailed lemurs in an embrace. Nature
“Love in the Animal Kingdom”

Animals dance, sing, flirt and compete with everything they’ve got to find and secure a mate. For many, the all-important bonds they share as a couple are what enable the next generation to survive. Can we call these bonds love? In this delightful, provocative look at the love life of animals, watch the feminine wiles of a young gorilla, the search for Mr. Right among a thousand flamingos, the open “marriages” of blue-footed boobies, the soap opera arrangements of gibbons and all the subtle, outrageous, romantic antics that go into finding a partner.
Wednesday, November 25 at 8 pm ET

Pictured: NOVA series logo NOVA
“Inside Einstein's Mind”

Retrace Einstein’s thought experiments as NOVA reveals the simple but powerful ideas that reshaped our understanding of gravity, illuminating the theory of general relativity—and Einstein’s brilliance—as never before.
Wednesday, November 25 at 9 pm ET

Pictured: Aidan McArdle (left) portrays Albert Einstein, with Shirley Henderson (right) as Mileva Maric in this episode that dramatizes the stories of the men and women whose innovative thinking across four centuries led finally to Einstein's bold breakthrough: E=mc2. NOVA
“Einstein's Big Idea”

See a dramatization of the remarkable story behind Albert Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2. Einstein grappled with the implications of his revolutionary special theory of relativity and came to the startling conclusion that mass and energy are one. Aidan McArdle (left) portrays Albert Einstein, with Shirley Henderson (right) as Mileva Maric.
Wednesday, November 25 at 10 pm ET

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