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If your browser is correctly configured, you should see a multi-channel program grid above. If you're not seeing the grid, you may need to turn on Javascript for your browser. If you are having problems viewing the grid in Internet Explorer, you may want to try using Firefox.

WNMU-TV acquires these interactive listings grids from TV Guide through PBS. We are aware that there have been many mistakes lately in TV Guide's listings for our local schedule on Public TV 13. We are working with TV Guide and PBS to try to improve the quality of their listings. Thanks for your patience during this process -- our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause for our viewers.

If you notice discrepancies between our online program highlights and our online grids, please assume that the program highlights (created locally) are correct and the grids are not. In addition, the listings you read in local newspapers (provided by Tribune Media) are often incorrect as well. Our program guide, FanFare, is still the most accurate source of listings for Public TV 13. You can download a printable copy of our guide and our primetime grid on our downloads page.

Full Month 13.1 Schedule on One Page
View our complete channel 13.1 schedule for the entire month, including daytime and overnight. (This is the most complete and up-to-date version of our schedule available anywhere.)
September 2015 Full Month Schedule
August 2015 Full Month Schedule

About Our Channels
Public TV 13 broadcasts 24 hours per day on digital Channels 13.1 (TV13 local schedule in standard definition); 13.2, TV13/HD (high-definition programming from PBS); and 13.3, TV13/Plus (SD).

TV13/HD (13.2) and TV13/Plus (13.3) are also available to Charter Cable subscribers. Availability varies with your subscription tier and your TV receiver.  Beginning in summer 2014, Charter's digital channel lineup changed and 13.1 is now found on both Charter channel 13 and 196; 13.2 remains on channel 783; and 13.3 is on channel 195. NMU's information channel (with audio from WNMU-FM Public Radio 90) is now on charter digital channel 190 where available. If you have questions about receiving TV13/HD and TV13/Plus on Charter, please contact Charter's Customer Support Center at 800-545-0994.

TV13/HD and TV13/Plus are also available on many smaller cable providers. Please contact your local cable subscriber for details.

Public TV 13 is also available to Dish Network (Channel 13.1) and DirecTV (Channels 13.1 and 13.3) satellite service subscribers who sign up for the local channels option. HD service is not yet available on the satellite services.

If you have questions about our online schedule or digital broadcasts, please email us at dtv13@nmu.edu.

Old-style schedule listings may be available at this link.

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