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WNMU-TV Coverage Map

About Our Channels:

Public TV 13 broadcasts 24 hours per day on three digital channels: WNMU-TV PBS (13.1) our primary channel featuring the best of PBS and locally scheduled programs in high definition; WNMU PBS Kids (13.2) featuring the PBS Kids 24/7 channel in standard-definition; and WNMU-TV Plus (13.3) featuring the PBS west coast feed, plus locally scheduled series 7-10 pm Monday-Friday.

WNMU-TV PBS (13.1), our primary channel, is found on both Charter Spectrum Cable channels 13 and 783 in HD (782 in Sault Ste. Marie.) WNMU PBS Kids (13.2) is available on Charter Spectrum Cable channel 199. WNMU-TV Plus (13.3) is found on Charter Spectrum Cable channel 195 (197 in Sault Ste. Marie.) Availability varies with your location, your subscription tier and your TV receiver. NMU's information channel (with audio from WNMU-FM Public Radio 90) is on Charter Spectrum channel 190 where available. If you have questions about receiving WNMU-TV on Charter Spectrum Cable, please contact Charter's Customer Support Center at 800-545-0994.

WNMU-TV PBS, WNMU PBS Kids and WNMU-TV Plus are also available on many smaller cable providers. Please contact your local cable subscriber for details.

WNMU-TV PBS Channel 13.1HD is also available to Dish Network and DirecTV satellite service subscribers located within the 10-county Marquette Designated Market Area. See a coverage map on our About Us page. Find out more about how to receive our three channels, and antenna reception on our How to Watch page.

WNMU Passport:
WNMU-TV Partners who make a yearly contribution of $60 or more (or ongoing $5 per month as a sustainer) are eligible for WNMU Passport, our newest member benefit that provides you with extended access to an on-demand library of PBS programs. How to get WNMU Passport

If you have questions about our online schedule or digital broadcasts, please email us at

*Antenna Viewing:
The coverage map above is a simplified representation of our signal area. Our broadcasts cover a large area of the central Upper Peninsula. Over-the-air antenna reception varies with terrain and many places require an outdoor antenna. There are some low areas of the U.P. that are shadowed or blocked from our broadcasts by high rocky terrain, including the city of Marquette, areas along Lake Superior from Harvey up to the Big Bay area, and some regions that are below bluffs in the Iron Mountain, Escanaba and Gladstone areas. Traditionally, viewers in these areas have been forced to subscribe to cable or satellite in order to watch WNMU-TV.

If you are thinking about "cutting the cord" and getting an antenna, we advise you to do some research first and find out which local stations you are likely to receive at your location. It's a good idea to talk to neighbors about what stations they receive, and consult with a local business that specializes in TV antennas before purchasing an antenna. Here is an example of a predicted reception map for WNMU-TV's signal, taking into account terrain and real-world reception conditions, where purple represents the weakest signal:

And here is another predicted reception map where red represents the weakest signal:

We can help you find more detailed reception maps of your area. If you have questions about our broadcasts or how to watch, email us at See our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Did you miss a program?
Many viewers contact us after a particular program has aired asking whether we will broadcast the program again. For PBS programs there are often repeat showings during the overnight hours, usually occurring in the same 24-hour period as the original air time. Some popular programs, like Antiques Roadshow, NOVA and Nature are repeated on Public TV 13 each week during the early afternoons.

Here's how to find out if a program has additional broadcast times:
Check our Schedule Page for overnight and daytime listings. Click on a program title in our online schedule grid and a pop-up window will appear with program information, including a link to "view more broadcast times" (this link will only be visible if more broadcast times are available.) Hint: you can go back in time a few days in the Schedule Grid. Or, download our FanFare program guide PDF that includes overnight repeat listings.

You can also watch many programs online after they air with our streaming video player. Click here to see a great selection of PBS and Public TV 13 local programs you can watch online.