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June 2022

Scroll down to learn about June's featured programs. Shows are organized week by week. All programs are on 13.1 unless otherwise noted.

RSVP in June! '22 airs Saturday, June 4–Sunday, June 12

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June 1-4

Nature: Equus: The Story of the Horse "Chasing the Wind"

Equus: The Story of the Horse | 
Chasing the Wind
Discover how humans have partnered with the horse throughout the centuries.  

Wednesday, June 1 at 8 pm ET.

NOVA: Touching The Asteroid

Touching The Asteroid
Spacecraft OSIRIS-REx attempts to grab a piece of an asteroid to bring it back to Earth.  

Wednesday, June 1 at 9 pm ET.  Repeats 6/2 at 3 pm ET.

NOVA: Great Escape at Dunkirk

Great Escape at Dunkirk
Discover traces of the ships and planes lost during World War II's epic Dunkirk operation.  

Wednesday, June 1 at 10 pm ET.

Trust Me

Trust Me
A program that shows how an avalanche of negative news and mis-information is making us all terrified of the world. This has led to mistrust of others, which further leads to racism, polarization, mental health disorders and even crime.   

Thursday, June 2 at 8 pm ET.  Repeats 6/3 at 3 pm ET.

Seaside Hotel: Love

Seaside Hotel
The female guests take a trip to Skagen and the Lords run the party without them.  

Friday, June 3 at 9 pm ET. 

Finnish American Rag Rug Weavers

Finnish American Rag Rug Weavers
Between 1865 and 1920, Finnish immigrants brought traditional arts to America, including woven and braided rag rugs. Cultural sociologist Michael Loukinen brings us into the homes and to the workrooms of traditional weavers in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Part of RSVP in June! 2022.  

Saturday, June 4 at 7 pm ET. 

Lawrence Welk's TV Treasures

Lawrence Welk's TV Treasures
Performances from your favorite members of the Musical Family, starting with the earliest days on the show.  Part of RSVP in June! 2022.  

Saturday, June 4 at 8 pm ET.  Repeats 6/6 at 2:30 pm ET.

June 5-11

We Are Tuvalu

We Are Tuvalu
In one of the worlds most isolated, yet beautiful places on earth, sixteen inexperienced filmmakers set out to share their personal insight into how climate change is threatening their homeland in this uniquely cinematic presentation and awe-inspiring story.  

Sunday, June 5 at 7 pm ET.

Route 2 Elsewhere

Route 2 Elsewhere
A film about rural America through the lens of the 1500 mile stretch of US Highway 2 from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan through the Sweet Grass Hills of Montana. Part of RSVP in June! 2022.  

Sunday, June 5 at 8 pm ET.  Repeats 6/7 at 2:30 pm ET.

Betty White: First Lady of Television

Betty White First Lady of Television
Celebrate the beloved star’s 80th anniversary in show business with this warm look at her life and career. Features tributes from her friends and co-stars including Ryan Reynolds, Valerie Bertinelli, and more.  Part of RSVP in June! 2022.

Sunday, June 5 at 9:30 pm ET.

Dolly Parton & Friends: 50 Years at The Opry

Dolly Parton & Friends 50 Years at The Opry
Join the country music superstar and special guests to celebrate her 50 years at the Grand Ole Opry. Part of RSVP in June! 2022.  

Monday, June 6 at 8 pm ET.  Repeats 6/8 at 2:30 pm ET.

Aging Backwards 2 with Miranda Esmonde-White

Aging Backwards 2 with Miranda Esmonde-White
Former professional ballerina Miranda Esmonde-White uses new and groundbreaking science to show that you have a choice in how you age. Part of RSVP in June! 2022.  

Monday, June 6 at 10 pm ET.

Master Your Future with Rajiv Nagaich
Rajiv Nagaich is on a mission. His goal is to change the way Americans think about, plan for, and navigate through retirement. Part of RSVP in June 2022.  

Tuesday, June 7 at 8 pm ET.  Repeats 6/9 at 2:30 pm ET.

Ed Slott's Retirement Freedom!

Ed Slott's Retirement Freedom!
This all-new program follows Ed’s inimitable style of combing current research, in-depth expertise, and humor to teach viewers about the ins and outs of their retirements.   Part of RSVP in June! 2022.

Tuesday, June 7 at 9:30 pm ET.

A Chef's Life: Onions and Avetts

A Chef's Life
Onions and Avetts
See why the humble spring onion upstages an appearance by the Avett Brothers.  Part of RSVP in June! 2022.

Wednesday, June 8 at 8 pm ET.  Repeats 6/25 at 7 am ET.

Great Lakes Now

Water's True Cost

As the U.S. prepares to pour billions of federal dollars into rescuing water systems, the GLN Collaborative investigates the true cost of water in the Great Lakes region and beyond. It’s an issue that’s been deferred for decades, and now factors like climate change, equity, aging systems, and water safety are all critical factors as officials and residents navigate the way forward. Part of RSVP in June 2022.  

Wednesday, June 8 at 8:30 pm ET.  Repeats 6/26 at 3:30 pm ET.

Garden Smart: Containers Can Be Used Many Places Inside and Outs

Garden Smart
Containers Can Be Used Many Places Inside and Outs
Indoor containers; containers on decks, courtyards and patios; Containers in the landscape; Containers for an entryway. Part of RSVP in June 2022.  

Wednesday, June 8 at 9 pm ET.  Repeats 6/11 at 8:30 am ET.

Woodsmith Shop: Smartphone Amp

Woodsmith Shop
Smartphone Amp
This clever project boosts the sound coming from your smartphone. And all it takes is a little creative work at the band saw. Part of RSVP in June! 2022.  

Wednesday, June 8 at 9:30 pm ET.  Repeats 6/8 at 10 pm ET.

David Holt’s State of Music: Keb' Mo'

David Holt’s State of Music
Keb' Mo'
Blues legend Keb' Mo' visits with host David Holt. Part of RSVP in June! 2022.  

Wednesday, June 8 at 10 pm ET.

Generation Nation: A PBS American Portrait Story

Generation Nation A PBS American Portrait Story
Explore how people in different age groups see themselves and their place in America.  

Wednesday, June 8 at 10:30 pm ET.

Ask the Doctors: Summer Health

Ask the Doctors
Summer Health
For the final episode of the 21-22 season, area professionals answer questions called in by viewers on summer health.  

Thursday, June 9 at 8 pm ET.  Repeats 6/10 at 3 pm ET.

Ancient Remedies with Dr Josh Axe

Ancient Remedies with Dr Josh Axe
A new way of thinking about health and healing, based on the time-tested knowledge from ancient medical systems that use natural solutions to address digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, inflammatory conditions, immune dysfunction, neurological disorders, and autoimmune disease. Part of RSVP in June '22.   

Thursday, June 9 at 9 pm ET. 

Seaside Hotel: Sales Agreement

Seaside Hotel
Sales Agreement 
Molly is offered a deal which could allow the girls and herself to continue working at the hotel.  

Friday, June 10 at 9 pm ET.

Finnish American Lives
A moving portrait of traditional Finnish American culture in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, highlighting that fragile community of memory connecting ourselves with parents and grandparents. Part of RSVP in June! 2022.  

Saturday, June 11 at 7 pm ET.

Alexis Dahl Compilation

Alexis Dahl Compilation
Alexis investigates a question about the world around her — sharing something about history or science along the way. Learn about the history of our area, from the Keweenaw Peninsula to Kitch-iti-kipi (pictured) and more. Part of RSVP in June! 22.  

Saturday, June 11 at 8 pm ET.

The Doo Wop Project

The Doo Wop Project
A supergroup of Broadway stars who transform influential hits from the American pop songbook. Part of RSVP in June! 2022.  

Saturday, June 11 at 8:30 pm ET.  Repeats 6/13 at 3 pm ET.

The Bookstour
While living out of his car during the pandemic, a self-published author travels to bookshops around the country with a simple question: why should people shop at an independent bookstore?  

Saturday, June 11 at 10 pm ET.

American Spiritual Ensemble

American Spiritual Ensemble
This concert, recorded in front of a live audience at the historic First Presbyterian Church in Lexington, Kentucky, features “Free at Last,” “Old Time Religion,” “Circle of Life” and other favorite spiritual songs.  

Saturday, June 11 at 11 pm ET.

June 12-18

Pelkie: From Copper Miners to Lumberjacks to Farmers

Part 1: From Copper Miners to Lumberjacks to Farmers
The Sturgeon River in Michigan's U.P. deposited rich soil in the Pelkie area for eons. Immigrants cleared the land to make way for farms and the railroad that connected them to the world. Mutual helping traditions led to a farmer's co-op, Finnish Lutheran churches sprang up and even a socialist hall was built. It was a thriving dairy farming and logging community. Part of RSVP in June 2022.  

Sunday, June 12 at 7 pm ET.

Pelkie: Third Generation: Cows, Kids and Barns

Part 2: Third Generation: Cows, Kids and Barns
Second and third generation Finns worked on the farms as kids. They had freedom to run and play, and there was a strong culture of visiting and sauna among neighbors. Kids initially spoke Finnish in one-room schools. As they matured, they migrated to seek work and education. Part of RSVP in June 2022.  

Sunday, June 12 at 8:30 pm ET.

Pelkie: A Farewell to Dairy Farming

Part 3: A Farewell to Dairy Farming
Finnish immigrants descendents move away to go to school. Many married non-Finns outside of the community and did not return. Finnish culture weakened in Pelkie. At the same time milk prices bottomed out and big box stores outside of Pelkie outcompeted the Co-op. Part of RSVP in June 2022.  

Sunday, June 12 at 9:30 pm ET.

Betrayed Surviving an American Concentration Camp
The story of a group of Japanese Americans and their incarceration by the U.S. government during World War II. More than 40 camp survivors and descendants bring an unparalleled immediacy and urgency to the story.  

Sunday, June 12 at 10 pm ET.

Jamie Oliver Together
Celebration Meal
Jamie kicks off the series with a celebration menu with a stuffed slow-roasted lamb shoulder with all the trimmings. A beautiful starter of rainbow tomato crostini and for dessert incredible strawberry panna cottas.   

Mondays at 9 pm ET, begins June 13.

Independent Lens: Made in Boise

Independent Lens 
Made in Boise
Go inside the lives of four surrogates and the intended parents whose children they carry.  

Monday, June 13 at 10 pm ET.

American Masters: Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road

American Masters
Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road
Explore the life and career of Brian Wilson, singer, songwriter, and co-founder of The Beach Boys, as he and Rolling Stone editor Jason Fine drive around Los Angeles.   

Tuesday, June 14 at 9 pm ET.

Zelenskyy: The Man Who Took on Putin

Zelenskyy The Man Who Took on Putin
Chart the rise of the comedian, actor and entertainer who became the improbable wartime leader.   

Tuesday, June 14 at 10:30 pm ET.


Wild Florida

Discover the wildlife of Florida and how experts are battling threats to its ecosystems.

Wednesday, June 15 at 8 pm ET.  Repeats 6/22 at 3 pm ET.

NOVA: Polar Extremes

Polar Extremes
Paleontologist Kirk Johnson explores the dynamic history -- and future -- of ice at the poles.  

Wednesday, June 15 at 9 pm ET.

Moving San Francisco

Moving San Francisco
From unique cable cars that conquered impossible hills to the current wave of ride-sharing companies and autonomous vehicles, learn the stories that connect the city’s eye-opening transit past to the challenges facing every modern city today.  

Thursday, June 16 at 3 pm ET.

Ask the Lawyers: Elder Law Special

Ask the Lawyers
Elder Law Special
Guest host Paul Sturgul answers phoned-in questions from viewers during this live broadcast.   

Thursday, June 16 at 8 pm ET.  Repeats 6/17 at 3 pm ET.

Seaside Hotel: The Hour of Truth

Seaside Hotel
The Hour of Truth 
It's the moment of truth for many of the guests and employees hiding a variety of personal secrets.  

Friday, June 17 at 9 pm ET.

Meet The Teams & Techs! Get The Challenge. Start The Clock!
We meet our 10 teams with detailed back stories. The teams learn the challenge and the rules and the whistle blows and the 48 hour countdown begins. It's all work and a lot of play!  

Saturdays at 8:30 pm, begins June 18.

June 19-25

A Wild Idea The Birth of the APA
New York's Adirondack Park is larger than Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier, Grand Canyon, and Great Smokies National Parks combined. It is one of the largest unbroken deciduous forests on Earth, with a thousand miles of streams and rivers, hundreds of lakes, and lofty peaks. This program chronicles the history of the park and the founding of the Adirondack Park Agency 50 years ago.  

Sunday, June 19 at 10 am ET.

The Water of Life

The Water of Life
A Father's Day special that focuses on the craftsmen, chemists, and renegades at the heart of the whisky revolution that turned the stagnant scotch whisky industry of the 1980s into the titan it is today.  

Sunday, June 19 at 6:30 pm ET. 

Hotel Portofino: First Impressions

Hotel Portofino
First Impressions
Bella has more immediate worries than her son’s prospective marriage as she falls prey to extortion.  

Sundays at 8 pm ET, begins June 19.  Repeats 6/20 at Midnight ET.

Endeavour (Season 8) Striker

Endeavour (Season 8)
An explosive murder at an Oxford college has potentially far-reaching political ramifications. Meanwhile, Endeavour is tasked with guarding the life of a beloved football team’s star striker.  

Sundays at 9 pm ET, begins June 19. 

Endeavour (Season 8) Striker

Jamie Oliver Together
Thank You Meal
This week Jamie cooks a beautiful summery feast, a stunning side of salmon, stuffed with mouthwatering Mediterranean flavours, lemony potatoes and roasted tomatoes. A wonderful starter of tender asparagus and an epic summer pudding to finish.

Monday, June 20 at 9 pm ET.


Who Killed Vincent Chin?

A probing look into the multiple dimensions of the 1982 murder of Vincent Chin. This  Academy Award-nominated film probes the implications of the murder in the streets of Detroit.  

Monday, June 20 at 10 pm ET.

Jon Stewart: The Mark Twain Prize

Jon Stewart The Mark Twain Prize
Celebrate the work of comedian, producer, author and social activist, Jon Stewart.  

Tuesday, June 21 at 9 pm ET.

Nature: Sharks of Hawaii

Sharks of Hawaii
Learn surprising facts about the sharks that call the warm waters near Hawaii’s islands their home. Meet the White Tip Reef shark, Whale shark, Tiger shark and more.  

Wednesday, June 22 at 8 pm ET.

NOVA: Look Who's Driving

Look Who's Driving
Self-driving cars may one day be big business, but will they ever be safer than human drivers?  

Wednesday, June 22 at 9 pm ET.  Repeats 6/23 at 3 pm ET.

Planet California: Rivers of Gold

Planet California
Rivers of Gold
California is a land of extremes - tallest, deepest, highest, hottest. But in a rapidly changing and thirsty world, drought, dams and fire pose dire threats to an ecosystem connected by rivers on land, in the air and in the sea.  

Wednesdays at 10 pm ET, begins June 22.

Ask the Experts: Certified Financial Planners

Ask the Experts
Certified Financial Planners
Get your finance questions answered in our last Ask The.. this season by local certified finanicial planners during this live broadcast from WNMU-TV studios.   

Thursday, June 23 at 8 pm ET.  Repeats 6/24 at 3 pm ET.

The High Command: Classic Film of the Month

The High Command
Classic Film of the Month
A general of the old school, who believes strongly in his own honor and sense of duty, must come to terms with a crime he committed years earlier, during the Irish War for Independence in 1921. This classic film from 1937 stars Lionel Atwill, Luci Mannheim, and James Mason.  

Friday, June 24 at 9 pm ET.


With intimate interviews and stellar performances in music scene venues, “JAM” puts the spotlight on the makers of some of the best original new music being played right now in Midwest clubs.   

Friday, June 24 at 10:30 pm ET.

The Supply Run! Start Building
The teams go on a one hour supply run in a hardware store for materials for their invention. To kick start the creative process mentors  share some of the real world challenges and processes in product development.  

Saturday, June 25 at 8:30 pm ET.

June 26-30

The Both of Me
Chuck Nelson, a third-generation coal miner, reflects on the industry that built and destroyed his life.  

Sunday, June 26 at 3 pm ET.

Marching Forward
Two high school band directors – one black, one white – whose love of music and dedication to their students inspired an atypical collaboration in the segregated south.   

Sunday, June 26 at 7 pm ET.

Hotel Portofino: Lessons

Hotel Portofino
Danioni worms his way into the Ainsworths’ affairs, helping Cecil arrange an heirloom's delivery.  

Sunday, June 26 at 8 pm ET.  Repeats 6/27 at Midnight ET.

Endeavour: Scherzo

On the outskirts of Oxford, a cab driver is found murdered in his taxi. The investigation into his death leads Endeavour and the team down a surprising path. Endeavour receives a guest who reminds him of a past he’d sooner forget.  

Sunday, June 26 at 9 pm ET.

Hiding in Plain Sight
Part 1: The Storm
Through first-person accounts, this two-part documentary from Ken Burns presents an unvarnished window into the issues associated with mental illness and the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that those who live with it face daily.    

Monday, June 27 at 9 pm ET.

Hiding in Plain Sight: Part 2 Resilience

Hiding in Plain Sight
Part 2: Resilience
Part 2 of this documentary from Ken Burns confronts the issues of stigma, discrimination, awareness, and silence associated with mental health.

Tuesday, June 28 at 9 pm ET.


The Whale Detective 

Follow filmmaker Tom Mustill as he investigates his encounter with a humpback whale.

Wednesday, June 29 at 8 pm ET.

NOVA: Great Electric Airplane Race

Great Electric Airplane Race
Will electric planes replace polluting airliners and lead to flying taxis in our cities?  

Wednesday, June 29 at 9 pm ET.  Repeats 6/30 at 3 pm ET.

Planet California: Close Encounters

Planet California
Close Encounters
Hollywood may captivate, but in one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth, the real stars of California - a wild and spectacular cast of creatures in the sea and on land, from blue whales to burrowing owls - are ready for their close-up.  

Wednesday, June 29 at 10 pm ET.

Out in Rural America

Out in Rural America
Explore the struggles and joys of being lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, and genderqueer in rural America.  

Thursday, June 30 at 8 pm ET.