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May 2019 Program Highlights

All programs air on Channel 13.1 unless noted.
May 1-6

“American Spring LIVE”

Nature’s perfect partnerships, precisely synchronized, have evolved over thousands of years. Learn how plants and animals depend on each other to survive. See first-hand how climate change can break those connections, altering the timing of weather and plant growth, and disrupting the delicate relationships between plants and pollinators such as bees and butterflies.
Monday-Wednesday, April 29-May 1, repeats next day at Noon

“Building the Great Cathedrals”

Gothic cathedrals are marvels of human achievement and artistry. On this dazzling journey inside the jewels of Gothic architecture, discover how medieval builders, drawing from hidden formulas in the Bible itself, reached such spectacular heights.
Wednesday, May 1 at 9 pm ET
Repeats 5/3 at 2 pm ET

Eva: A-7063
At age 10, Eva Mozes Kor fought to stay alive inside the concentration camp where she and her twin sister Miriam endured cruel experiments. At age 85, she travels the world and uses her experiences as a teaching tool for other generations. Learn the incredible true story of an Auschwitz survivor's journey to forgiveness and healing.
Thursday, May 2 at 1 pm ET

A Call to Remember
David Schaecter takes viewers on an emotional journey through his life story – from a bucolic childhood amidst vineyards in Czechoslovakia to his and his brother Jakob’s struggle for survival in Auschwitz, and finally, to David’s dramatic escape from the Nazis.
Thursday, May 2 at 2:30 pm ET

Ask the Lawyers
“Elder Law Special”

Area attorneys visit the Public TV 13 studios to answer phoned-in questions from viewers during this live broadcast. Guest host Paul Sturgul welcomes guests Sean Fosmire of Marquette, Jake Spear of Republic and Kim Winokur of Marquette. Call in your questions during the broadcast at 800-227-9668.
Thursday, May 2 at 8 pm ET
Repeats 5/3 at Noon ET

Les Misérables on Masterpiece
The new six-part retelling of Victor Hugo's beloved masterpiece continues. In part 3, Valjean saves an innocent man at enormous personal cost. Again evading justice, he tracks down Fantine's daughter Cosette. Pursued by Javert, they need a miracle to escape.
Sundays at 9 pm, through May 23, repeats Thursdays at 10 pm

Emilio and Gloria Estefan: The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song
An all-star tribute to Emilio and Gloria Estefan, the 2019 recipients of the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song and the first married couple or musicians-songwriters of Hispanic descent to receive the honor.
Friday, May 3 at 9 pm ET
Repeats 5/7 at 1 pm ET

Spectrum: A Story of the Mind
Explore the beautiful sensory world of autism with Dr. Temple Grandin. This is an in-depth examination of the complex autistic mind, told through the lens of individuals across the spectrum.
Friday, May 3 at 10:30 pm ET
Repeats 5/7 at 2:30 pm ET

NMU Spring 2019 Commencement
Live coverage of Northern Michigan University’s spring commencement ceremonies broadcast from the Superior Dome. Congratulations graduates and families! This year's keynote speaker is U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow.
Saturday, May 4 at 10:30 am ET

Media Meet “Committee on Michigan’s Mining Future”

State lawmakers are considering Michigan's mining future. We talk to 109th District State Rep. Sara Cambensy about upcoming legislation, along with guests Mike Prusi, Director of Governor Whitmer's Northern Michigan office; Clifford Smith, Cheif Operating Officer of Cleveland Cliffs Michigan Operations; and Matt Johnson, Manager of External Relations at Eagle Mine. Walt Lindala hosts.
Saturday, May 4 at 6:30 pm ET
Repeats 5/5 at 2:30 pm ET

Urban Conversion
Follow conservative entrepreneur Rodman Schley and his wife, eco-enthusiast Gina Schley, as they explore new corners of the wide world of sustainability and seek ways to bring simple, low-impact practices to their urban lives.
Sundays at 10 am ET, begins May 5

Voyage of Adventure: Retracing Donelson’s Journey
Embarking on a 14-and-a-half foot, self-made row boat, photographer John Guider follows surveyor John Donelson's late-17th century, 1,000-mile river journey, which began in the northwest corner of Tennessee and ended at present-day Nashville.
Sunday, May 5 at 3 pm ET

Downton Abbey Season 3 on Masterpiece
Return to Downton Abbey, where disasters — large and small — threaten. Season 3 continues.
Sunday, May 5 at 7 pm ET

Call the Midwife, Season 8
Season 8 continues. This week, watch Lucille care for an unmarried teen mother and Valerie help her grandmother with an embarrassing medical problem. Mother Mildred tries to help, but ruffles feathers everywhere she goes. Nurse Crane's back troubles return with a vengeance.
Sundays at 8 pm, through May 19, repeats Mondays at 1 pm
Repeats 5/6 at 1 pm ET

Unforgotten Season 3 on Masterpiece
Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar reprise their roles as DCI Cassie Stuart and DI Sunny Khan as they investigate another cold case involving a 16-year-old girl. 6-part series continues.
Sundays at 10 pm, through May 12, repeats Mondays at 2 pm
Repeats 5/6 at 2 pm ET

Independent Lens
“Out of State”

Shipped thousands of miles away from Hawaii to a private prison in the Arizona desert, two Native Hawaiians discover their indigenous traditions from a fellow inmate serving a life sentence.
Monday, May 6 at 10 pm ET
Repeats 5/9 at 1 pm ET
May 7-16

Amelia Earhart: American Experience
Explore the life of the trailblazing pilot who broke records but then mysteriously disappeared over the Pacific Ocean on a solo flight around the world. An enduring American hero, Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.
Tuesday, May 7 at 9 pm ET
Repeats 5/8 at 1 pm ET

“Trump’s Trade War”

The inside story of President Trump’s gamble to confront China over trade. Reporting from the US and China, NPR and FRONTLINE investigate what led the world’s two largest economies to the brink, and the billions at stake.
Tuesday, May 7 at 10 pm ET
Repeats 5/9 at 2 pm ET

A Force for Nature: Lucy Braun
Explores the life and legacies of E. Lucy Braun (1889 -1971), one of the foremost ecologists, botanists and preservationists in American history. Enjoy the story of this trailblazing woman of science.
Wednesday, May 8 at 2 pm ET

“Inside the Megafire”

The California wildfires of 2018 took a worrisome trend to a new extreme, claiming scores of lives and over a million acres. Scientists investigate how forestry practices, climate change, and drought may contribute to the rise of deadly megafires.
Wednesday, May 8 at 9 pm ET
Repeats 5/9 at Noon ET

Ask the Doctors
“The Brain and Stroke”

Area physicians visit the Public TV 13 studios to answer phoned-in questions from viewers during this live broadcast. Host Dr. Jennifer Dehlin welcomes guests: Dr. Julianne Kirkham, Ph.D. Neuropsychology; Dr. Sonia Geschwindt, Neurosurgery; and Tonia Kroll, Nurse Practitioner for Dr. Roman Politi. Call in your questions during the broadcast at 800-227-9668.
Thursday, May 9 at 8 pm ET
Repeats 5/10 at Noon ET

Live from Lincoln Center
“Cynthia Erivo in Concert”

Enjoy a soulful evening of song from one of Broadway's brightest stars. British-born Cynthia Erivo won the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical for her performance in The Color Purple before starring in several films, including Widows. Stars in Concert features three new concerts from Tony Award-winning powerhouse Cynthia Erivo (5/10), stage and screen star Annaleigh Ashford (5/17) and Broadway and TV star Megan Hilty (5/24).
Friday, May 10 at 9 pm ET

Media Meet
“Tourism in the U.P.”

Tourism experts from different parts of the U.P. get together to discuss the summer 2019 tourist season. What’s expected, the hot spots and the economic impact will be explored. Guests: Travel Marquette Executive Director Susan Estler, Alger County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kathy Reynolds, and U.P. Travel & Recreation Assn. Executive Director Tom Nemacheck.
Saturday, May 11 at 6:30 pm ET
Repeats 5/12 at 2:30 pm ET

Wendell Castle: A Portrait
Captures the life of a master furniture artist, designer, sculptor and educator and traces his prolific career through the decades. Wendell Castle (1932-2018) is often credited as the "father of American Studio Furniture and Art Furniture Movements," joining function with fine art.
Sunday, May 12 at 3 pm ET
Repeats 5/16 at 1 pm ET

Independent Lens
“Harvest Season”

Spend an agricultural year in Napa Valley and meet some of the unsung people who play a critical role in making some of the world's most celebrated wines, yet whose stories have largely gone untold.
Monday, May 13 at 10 pm ET
Repeats 5/14 at 1 pm ET

Blue Goes Green: Net Zero Police Station
If Cincinnati can do it, any city can! Learn the story of how an unlikely city built the first Net Zero Energy police station in America and saved taxpayer money.
Tuesday, May 14 at 2:30 pm ET

Annie Oakley: American Experience
Meet the Ohio sharpshooter who won fame and fortune in a man's world for never missing a shot. Born into poverty, the self-taught Oakley picked up a gun at age 15 not to become a superstar, but to save her family from destitution.
Tuesday, May 14 at 9 pm ET
Repeats 5/15 at 2 pm ET

“The Mueller Investigation”

Inside the investigation that brought the country to the verge of a constitutional crisis. Key players reveal details behind Mueller’s investigation that have now led to claims of executive privilege and talk of impeachment. [Note: The episode originally scheduled for this week, One Day in Gaza, has been postponed.]
Tuesday, May 14 at 10 pm ET
Repeats 5/16 at 2 pm ET

“First Horse Warriors”

Horse riding played a key role in human expansion and civilization. But when and how did people first master these animals? Scientists use archaeology and genetics to uncover clues about the first horse riders and how they shaped the world.
Wednesday, May 15 at 9 pm ET
Repeats 5/16 at Noon ET

Steven Raichlen’s Project Smoke
The man who demystified grilling and barbecuing for millions of Americans returns with a third sizzling season. This week: A show devoted to the most awesome cut of meat to grill: steak.
Thursdays at 4:30 pm, begins May 16, also at 8 pm on 13.3/PLUS

Ask the DNR
“Water Sports, Camping and Recreation”

Personnel from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources visit the Public TV 13 studios to answer phoned-in questions from viewers on this live broadcast. Guests:

Conservation Officer Colton Gelinas from Mackinac County; Fisheries Biologist Jennifer Johnson from Norway; U.P. Regional Wildlife Supervisor Terry Minzey, Marquette and Deputy Public Information Officer John Pepin. Host Walt Lindala. Call in your questions during the broadcast at 800-227-9668.
Thursday, May 16 at 8 pm ET
Repeats 5/17 at Noon ET

May 17-25

Journey of the Whooping Crane
At five feet tall, with a wingspan over seven feet, the Whooping Crane has the distinction of being North America’s tallest bird and also one of its rarest. Habitat loss and hunting pressure in the late 1800’s reduced the population to just 15 birds by 1940. An intense effort to protect and restore the species has nurtured the remaining wild flock to its current population of about 600.
Friday, May 17 at 2 pm ET

Live from Lincoln Center
“Annaleigh Ashford in Concert”

Tune in to a new concert from stage and screen star Annaleigh Ashford, who thrilled audiences in Sunday in the Park with George opposite Jake Gyllenhaal, Kinky Boots and You Can't Take It With You, for which she won a Tony Award.
Friday, May 17 at 9 pm ET

Media Meet
“Medicare for All ”

A program on revival of the single-payer proposal for universal healthcare that was dropped in favor of the "Affordable Care Act." Panelists will consider pros and cons as the concept emerges as a possible 2020 campaign issue. Guests: Elder Law Attorney Paul Sturgul and NMU Economics Professor Gary McDonnell. (Repeat from April)
Saturday, May 18 at 6:30 pm ET
Repeats 5/19 at 2:30 pm ET

Great Museums: The Art of Islam at the Met and the Louvre
Narrated by Philippe de Montebello, the former director of The Met, this special examines the extraordinary artistic masterpieces in the museums' Islamic Art collections, and reveals a surprising number of connections that unite Western and Islamic traditions, in art, science, and literature.
Saturday, May 18 at 8 pm ET
Repeats 5/20 at Noon ET

Live Art: Love
200 students of all abilities, representing the School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community's “Live Art” program, perform alongside nationally renowned artists and musicians in an unforgettable night of music, dance and visual arts.
Sunday, May 19 at 3 pm ET
Repeats 5/20 at 2 pm ET

Power Over Parkinson’s 2
Examines a range of new approaches aimed at decreasing the impact of Parkinson’s symptoms and improving day-to-day life, and follows two patients with Parkinson’s who are exploring complementary therapies for the first time: meditation and vibroacoustic sound therapy.
Sunday, May 19 at 10:30 pm ET
Repeats 5/21 at 2:30 pm ET

Norman Mineta and His Legacy: An American Story
Meet the statesman who served as cabinet secretary for Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush. Imprisoned by the U.S. during World War II for his Japanese ancestry, Mineta rose to become the first Asian American to serve in a presidential cabinet.
Monday, May 20 at 9 pm ET
Repeats 5/23 at 1 pm ET

Independent Lens “Wrestle”
Meet four Alabama high school wrestlers facing challenges on and off the mat. Along with their coach, they grapple with obstacles that jeopardize their success but, despite the odds, these young men pursue their goals with humor and courage.
Monday, May 20 at 10 pm ET

POV “Swim Team”
Parents of teens on the autism spectrum form a competitive swim team, training them with high expectations. Follow the rise of three athletes as the film captures a moving quest for inclusion, independence and a life that feels like winning.
Tuesday, May 21 at 1 pm ET

Emma Goldman: American Experience
Learn about the "Queen of the Anarchists," an outspoken advocate for women's rights, birth control and free speech. Arrested and imprisoned for demonstrating against the draft during World War I, Goldman was the most controversial woman in America.
Tuesday, May 21 at 9 pm ET
Repeats 5/22 at 2 pm ET

Frontline “Supreme Revenge”
Inside the no-holds-barred war for control of the Supreme Court. From Brett Kavanaugh to Robert Bork, an investigation of how a 30-year-old grievance transformed the Court and turned confirmations into bitter, partisan conflicts.
Tuesday, May 21 at 10 pm ET
Repeats 5/23 at 2 pm ET

NOVA “Lost Viking Army”

Bioarchaeologists investigate a ninth-century mass grave in a rural English village. Will the remains unlock the mystery of the "Great Heathen Army," a legendary Viking fighting force that once invaded England?
Wednesday, May 22 at 9 pm ET
Repeats 5/23 at Noon ET

Ask the Doctors
“General Health/Arthritis”

Area physicians visit the Public TV 13 studios to answer phoned-in questions from viewers during this live broadcast. Guest Host Dr. Stuart Johnson welcomes guests: Dr. Scott Doughty, Family Medicine; and Dr. Greg Sulik, Family Medicine & Skin Care. Call in your questions during the broadcast at 800-227-9668.
Thursday, May 23 at 8 pm ET
Repeats 5/24 at Noon ET

Follow the Water
A photographer and a filmmaker follow a mythical drop of water 1,300 miles -- on bike, on foot and in a canoe -- to find out where our water comes from.
Friday, May 24 at 2 pm ET

Live from Lincoln Center
“Megan Hilty in Concert”

Join the Tony-nominated star of Wicked, 9 to 5: The Musical, Noises Off and NBC's Smash for a new concert special featuring a versatile set of musical theater favorites and classic standards.
Friday, May 24 at 9 pm ET

Media Meet
“Congressman Jack Bergman”

A discussion with U.S. Rep. Bergman on a series of Federal efforts underway in Michigan's First Congressional District. The construction of a new lock in Sault Ste. Marie, increasing rural internet connectivity, and PFAS cleanup efforts are discussed with host Walt Lindala and media guests Sophie Erber from WLUC-TV 6 and Lisa Bowers from the Mining Journal.
Saturday, May 25 at 6:30 pm ET
Repeats 5/26 at 2:30 pm ET

Poland: The Royal Tour
Journalist Peter Greenberg is taken on a Royal Tour by the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki. For an entire week, Mr. Morawiecki becomes the ultimate guide, showcasing the visual gems of this diverse country, including the modern cities of Warsaw and Krakow – and even taking a boat ride to Hel! They also pay an emotional visit to Auschwitz, and reflect on its tragic history.
Saturday, May 25 at 8 pm ET
Repeats 5/27 at Noon ET
May 26-31

Music & Might: Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
Celebrate our nation’s military and our greatest heroes, recipients of the Medal of Honor. This concert features over 1,000 performers from 7 nations in a display of inspirational patriotic music, majestic massed pipes and drums, show stopping drill team maneuvers, and exquisite Highland dancers.
Sunday, May 26 at 3 pm ET
Repeats 5/28 at 2 pm ET

National Memorial Day Concert
Join hosts Joe Mantegna and Mary McCormack for the 30th anniversary live broadcast of America’s national night of remembrance from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol, featuring the National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Jack Everly.
Sunday, May 26 at 8 pm ET
Repeats 5/26 at 9:30 pm ET

Growing Old Gambling
With more time and financial resources, experts say Baby Boomers are more at risk to become caught in the grip of out-of-control gambling. Hear personal stories from those who have suffered the consequences, as well as guidance from experts in crisis intervention and the treatment of gambling addictions in older adults.
Sunday, May 26 at 11 pm ET
Repeats 5/27 at 2:30 pm ET

The People’s Protectors
Four Native American veterans reflect on their experiences in the military during the divisive Vietnam War and how their communities helped them carry their warrior legacy proudly.
Monday, May 27 at 9 pm ET
Repeats 5/28 at 1 pm ET

Going to War
Going to war brings terror, pain and grief, but also exhilaration and a sense of purpose. Authors Karl Marlantes and Sebastian Junger help make sense of this paradox, while military veterans reveal the truths of combat with unflinching candor.
Monday, May 27 at 10 pm ET

Great Lakes Now Series
Detroit Public Television’s new magazine-style monthly series offers original news and information about the Great Lakes, with segments relevant to public television audiences throughout the basin, both in the United States and Canada. Monthly series airs the last Tuesday of each month.
Tuesday, May 28 at 4 pm ET

Rachel Carson: American Experience
Meet the scientist whose groundbreaking writings revolutionized our relationship to the natural world. Mary-Louise Parker is the voice of Rachel Carson in this moving and intimate portrait.
Tuesday, May 28 at 8 pm ET
Repeats 5/29 at 1 pm ET

“Sex Trafficking in America”

Exposing the hidden reality of sex trafficking, inside a police unit and a victim’s harrowing story. Filmed over three years, an up-close look at how victims are groomed and sold and innovative ways undercover police target traffickers and buyers.
Tuesday, May 28 at 10 pm ET
Repeats 5/30 at 2 pm ET

Light Falls
Take a theatrical journey with physicist Brian Greene to uncover how Albert Einstein developed his theory of relativity. In this vivid play, science is illuminated on stage and screen through innovative projections and an original score.
Wednesday, May 29 at 10 pm ET
Repeats 5/31 at 1 pm ET

The Forgotten Coast
Following in the footsteps of a wandering Florida black bear, three friends leave civilization and enter a lost American wilderness on a rugged thousand-mile journey by foot, paddle, and bike. Traversing Florida's vast and seldom seen "Forgotten Coast," the expedition encounters stunning and rare wildlife including black bears, manatees, alligators, ancient river fish, and endangered woodpeckers -- all living within a fragile wildlife corridor stretching from the Everglades to the Florida-Alabama border.
Thursday, May 30 at 1 pm ET

Ask the Certified Financial Planners
During this live broadcast professionals from the Financial Planning Association of Michigan answer calls from viewers about personal finances, financial strategies and financial services. Guests: Scott Sampeer, with Northwestern Mutual, Marquette; Jesse Bell with Bell Financial and Commonwealth Financial Network, Marquette; and Paul Hein, with Sagepoint Financial Inc., Marquette.
Thursday, May 30 at 8 pm ET
Repeats 5/31 at Noon ET

D-Day: Over Normandy
Narrated by New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, this documentary focuses on the personal stories of those who served in the Second World War, and was filmed exclusively by drone camera on location on some of the most iconic locations in Normandy, France.
Thursday, May 30 at 10 pm ET

Classic Woodworking
Custom furniture-maker Tom McLaughlin turns design inspiration into easy-to-follow projects for woodworkers at every skill level. Learn the latest wood crafting techniques, as well as tips and instruction for how to create projects that will stand the test of time. Projects include: a Craftsman-style dining chair; a Shaker-style hall table; and a live-edge coffee table.
Fridays at 4:30 pm, begins May 31, also at 8 pm on 13.3/PLUS

Monrovia, Indiana
Take a complex and nuanced view at daily life in Monrovia, Indiana, and gain understanding of a rural mid-American way of life that has always been important to the country, but whose influence and force have not always been recognized in big cities.
Friday, May 31 at 9 pm ET