Partner Premium Shares

Public TV 13 is the only PBS member station that offers Partner Premium Shares. These shares are coupons that you can collect and redeem for valuable benefits, and are valid for one year from the date of your gift.
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As an alternative to choosing a thank-you gift at the time of your pledge or contribution, you can receive one Partner Premium Share for every $10 that you donate. These shares may be a good choice for you, especially if you prefer to make several small donations throughout the year, rather than a one-time contribution.
What You Can Do With Partner Premium Shares:
  • Redeem them to underwrite programs on WNMU-TV
  • Send a friend a gift subscription to FanFare
  • Exchange your shares for premium items
  • Donate them to a participating community organization

Partner Premium Shares are a great way to give twice to the community. You'll help us broadcast quality programs and at the same time, support the community organization of your choice. The organizations collect the shares and exchange them for underwriting opportunities on WNMU-TV.
How to Get Partner Premium Shares:
Simply request them when you make your pledge. Shares are valid for one year from the date of your gift.
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