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May 27-28
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May 25
Water Sports, Camping & Recreation
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Pictured: Swarm of free tailed bats at cave entrance, Texas Nature
“The Gathering Swarms”

Animals like bats, locusts and penguins gather to breed, migrate and protect from the elements and foes. Check out swarm intelligence, the natural world’s version of social media, as the gathering swarms share information by collective consciousness.
Wednesday, May 24 at 8 pm ET
Repeats 5/31 at Noon ET

Pictured: NOVA series logo NOVA
“Meteor Strike”

On the morning of February 15, 2013, a 7,000-ton asteroid crashed into the Earth’s atmosphere, exploded and fell to earth across a wide swath near the Ural Mountains. The Siberian meteor was captured by digital dashboard cameras, a common fixture in Russian cars and trucks. Within days, armed with this crowd-sourced material, NOVA crews, along with impact scientists, hit the ground in Russia to hunt for debris from the explosion and clues to the meteor’s origin and makeup. Is our solar system a deadly celestial shooting gallery — with Earth in the cross-hairs? What are the chances that another, even more massive, asteroid is heading straight for us? Are we just years, months or days away from a total global reboot of civilization, or worse?
Wednesday, May 24 at 9 pm ET
Repeats 5/25 at Noon ET

Pictured: James Wong with dairy cows. Food - Delicious Science
“A Matter of Taste”

In this new 3-part series, hosts Michael Mosley and James Wong (pictured) examine the physics, chemistry and biology that lie hidden in every bite of food we eat. Understanding the deep evolutionary roots of human reactions and cravings for food offers a new way of thinking about our relationship to the modern diet. Part 2 looks at the science that makes our food taste delicious and the powerful effect it has on our tongue and nose.
Wednesday, May 24 at 10 pm ET
Repeats 5/25 at 1 pm ET


Pictured: Frontline logo Frontline
“Bannon's War”

Examine Trump advisor Stephen Bannon’s war—with radical Islam, Washington, and White House rivals. Learn about his fight to deliver on Trump’s promises, with a confrontational style based on his personal crusade to dramatically transform America.
Thursday, May 25 at 2 pm ET

Pictured: Ask the DNR program logo Ask the DNR
“Water Sports, Camping and Recreation”

Personnel from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources visit the Public TV 13 studios to answer phoned-in questions from viewers on this live broadcast. This month’s guests are to be announced. Call in your questions during the broadcast at 800-227-9668.
Thursday, May 25 at 8 pm ET
Repeats 5/26 at Noon ET

Pictured: 20th Century Limited train engine 20th Century Limited
The New York Central Railroad was the way for celebrities and business tycoons to travel between New York and Chicago from 1902 through 1967. In thie new documentary, interviews, vintage film and still images provide an in depth history of America's most famous passenger train. Actor Michael Gross hosts.
Thursday, May 25 at 10 pm ET
Repeats 5/26 at 2 pm ET

May Program Highlights

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Boxed In program title graphic Watch Barnes-Hecker: Memories of a Misfortune Online
Commemorating the 90th anniversary of the 1926 Barnes-Hecker Mine tragedy, WNMU-TV presents an encore of our 2001 documentary based on the book "No Tears in Heaven" by Thomas G. Friggens. Includes the original 35-minute program, 10 minutes of extra interviews as seen on the DVD, and a new introduction and interview with Mary Tippett, co-chair of the 2016 Barnes-Hecker Remembrance.
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teams on High School Bowl set Watch High School Bowl Online:
2016-17 Season Games Now Available
Join host Jim Koski for our 39th High School Bowl quiz tournament. U.P. and northern Wisconsin teams compete in a battle of speed and knowledge. Exercise your brain, play along and cheer on your local team. Games 33-39 will be available online May 1.
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