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Pictured: program logo Great Performances
“Star-Spangled Spectacular: Bicentennial of Our National Anthem”

The valiant defense of Fort McHenry on the night of September 13, 1814, during the Battle of Baltimore inspired Francis Scott Key to write “The Star-Spangled Banner.” His message 200 years ago and the poem he set to music quickly spread and became the rallying cry for the new nation. Today, “The Star Spangled Banner” plays a central part in our everyday lives, but it wasn’t until 1931 that Congress declared it our national anthem. On the occasion of the anthem’s 200th birthday, GREAT PERFORMANCES and Maryland Public Television present an entertainment event on the beautiful Baltimore Harbor front to commemorate the anthem’s creation and the courageous battle that inspired it.
Monday, September 15 at Noon ET

Pictured: Colony kids in the Matanuska Colony's tent city, 1935 Alaska Far Away: The New Deal Pioneers of the Matanuska Colony
In the midst of the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal gave 202 destitute Midwestern farm families a fresh start in Alaska, then just a U.S. territory. This documentary tells the absorbing story of the unusual and controversial government experiment known as The Matanuska Colonization Project of 1935 and of the unsuspecting families thrust into the national spotlight. Narrated by actor Peter Coyote and featuring archival footage and interviews with many surviving colonists, the film recreates the hardships, dangers and excitement of leaving everything behind to settle a new land.
Monday, September 15 at 2 pm ET

Pictured: Program title graphic Public Eye News
Each fall, Northern Michigan University students gather at the WNMU-TV studios in a unique student organization—Public Eye News. Under the direction of student producers, they create a daily 15-minute newscast, broadcast on Public TV 13, which includes national and local news stories, weather and sports. During each semester, participants get to experience different crew positions like camera and audio, and learn about the technology of television and working on a deadline in a professional environment. From news-gathering, to writing, to anchoring the newscast, everything you see on Public Eye News is done by students.
Monday-Friday at 4 pm, begins September 15

Pictured: Theodore Roosevelt waves to the crowd The Roosevelts: An Intimate History
“In the Arena (1901-1910)”

Murder brings Theodore Roosevelt to the presidency, but in the seven years that follow, he transforms the office and makes himself perhaps the best-loved of all the men who ever lived in the White House — battling corporate greed and building the Panama Canal, preserving American wilderness, carrying the message of American might around the world. FDR courts and weds Eleanor Roosevelt, the shy orphaned daughter of Theodore’s alcoholic brother, Elliott. Together, they begin a family. Franklin enters a law firm, but when he is offered a chance to run for the New York state senate, he jumps at the chance.
Monday, September 15 at 8 pm (Repeats at 10 pm on 13.2HD)

Pictured: Kenny and Service Dog Zeus Gift of Life
See the dramatic difference a dog can make in the life of a young veteran afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome or Traumatic Brain Injury. This award-winning documentary tells the story of WWII veteran Irwin Stovroff, 92, a former Nazi POW. After a successful career in business, Irwin retired and started volunteering to help other POW's to receive their pensions. After being informed that the U.S. Government doesn't provide funds to train service dogs for injured veterans returning from the recent wars, he began to raise money to provide highly trained dogs without cost to the veterans.
Monday, September 15 at 10 pm ET
Repeats 9/19 at Noon ET


Pictured: Ray and Charles Eames examining the sling locations to be covered by fabric lapping in a prototype of the Aluminum Group Lounge Chair, 1957. American Masters
“Charles & Ray Eames: The Architect and the Painter”

From 1941 to 1978, the husband-and-wife team of Ray and Charles Eames brought unique talents to their partnership. He was an architect by training; she was a painter and sculptor. Together, they are considered America’s most important and influential designers, whose work helped shape, literally, the second half of the 20th century and remains culturally vital and commercially popular today. The Eames are, perhaps, best remembered for their mid-century modern furniture, built from novel materials like molded plywood, fiberglass-reinforced plastic, bent metal wire and aluminum — offering consumers beautiful, functional, yet inexpensive products.
Tuesday, September 16 at 1 pm ET

Pictured: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt with their children in Washington, D.C, 1919 The Roosevelts: An Intimate History
“The Fire of Life (1910-1919)”

Theodore Roosevelt leads a Progressive crusade that splits his own party, undertakes a deadly expedition into the South American jungle, campaigns for American entry into World War I — and pays a terrible personal price. Franklin masters wartime Washington as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, while Eleanor finds personal salvation in war work. Her discovery of Franklin’s romance with another woman transforms their marriage into a largely political partnership. TR’s death at 60 is almost universally mourned, but provides Franklin with a golden opportunity.
Tuesday, September 16 at 8 pm (Repeats at 10 pm on 13.2HD)

Pictured: Popcorn Sutton The Last One
This 2009 Southeast Emmy award-winning audience-favorite launched moonshine into popular culture. The film directly inspired Discovery Channel’s “Moonshiners” series, laid the groundwork for National Geographic’s “Moonshine,” and has often been cited or excerpted in high-profile shows such as “How the States Got Their Shapes.” Popcorn Sutton demonstrates traditional moonshine production in the wilds of Southern Appalachia, and reminisces about the rough days of his youth, moonshine glory days, and a way of life that has altogether disappeared. The re-distribution of “The Last One” precedes the highly anticipated release of the expansive biopic, “Popcorn Sutton: A Hell of a Life.”
Tuesday, September 16 at 10 pm ET
Repeats 9/17 at 2:30 pm ET

September Program Highlights

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