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March 25 Games 31 & 32:
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March 25-26
Palliative Care & Hospice
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March 23
Eyes and Vision
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Pictured: Patsy Cline Patsy Cline: American Masters
Celebrate the life and legacy of the groundbreaking “Crazy” singer who defined modern country music. Narrated by Rosanne Cash, the film features interviews with LeAnn Rimes, Kacey Musgraves, Reba McEntire, Beverly D’Angelo, Wanda Jackson and others.
Wednesday, March 22 at 1 pm ET

Pictured: The 5th Dimension in London. Rock Rewind 1969 (My Music)
Take a time-tripping visit to the psychedelic era with host Tommy James. Featuring rare vintage TV appearances by the decade’s most popular artists. Act 3, 1969, features The 5th Dimension with “Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In,” plus Three Dog Night, Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, and The Temptations.
Wednesday, March 22 at 2:30 pm ET

Pictured: A herd of zebra stampedes along the Boteti River. Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, Botswana Nature
“Great Zebra Exodus”

When thunderclouds begin to gather over Botswana’s Kalahari each year, 20,000 zebras get itchy feet. As the first fat raindrops hit the dust, southern Africa’s biggest animal migration gets underway. In a never-ending quest for grass and water, the striped herds undertake an annual epic trek across the vast lunar landscape of the Kalahari’s Makgadikgadi Pans. See the story of this spectacular annual migration through the eyes of a single zebra family: a stallion, his three mares and their offspring. Documenting their journey across this otherworldly landscape, the film reveals their trials and triumphs as well as the fascinating social bonds that hold zebra families together.
Wednesday, March 22 at 8 pm ET
Repeats 3/29 at Noon ET

Pictured: Hugh at a press conference with model NOVA
“Escape from Nazi Alcatraz”

Colditz Castle, a notorious prisoner of war camp in Nazi Germany, was supposed to be escape-proof. But in World War II, a group of British officers dreamt up an escape plan: in a secret attic workshop, they constructed a two-man glider out of bed sheets and floorboards. The plan was to fly to freedom from the roof of the castle, but the war ended before they could put it to the test. Now a team of aero engineers and carpenters rebuilds the glider in the same attic using the same materials, and they’ll use a bathtub full of concrete to catapult the glider off the roof. As the hair-raising launch 90 feet up draws near, the program explores the Colditz legend and exposes the secrets of other ingenious and audacious escapes. Then, after a 70-year wait, the team finally finds out if the legendary glider plan would have succeeded.
Wednesday, March 22 at 9 pm ET

Pictured: Mosquito biting. Spillover - Zika, Ebola & Beyond
Around the globe, viruses are on the march: Zika, Ebola, Nipah, Chikungunya, Dengue, and West Nile. All of these viruses reside in animals and have the potential to “spillover” and infect humans. What’s behind the rise in spillover viruses? Are the United States and the other countries worldwide prepared to anticipate, contain, and prevent the next outbreak?
Wednesday, March 22 at 10 pm ET
Repeats 3/24 at 1 pm ET


Pictured: Dorothea Lange, 1936 American Masters
“Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning”

Explore, through Lange’s granddaughter’s eyes, the life story of the influential “Migrant Mother” photographer. Never-before-seen photos and film footage, family memories and new interviews reveal the artist who challenged America to know itself. Known for her powerful images from the Great Depression, more than four decades of 20th-century America are filtered through Lange’s life and lens.
Thursday, March 23 at 1 pm ET

Pictured: Ask the Doctors program logo Ask the Doctors
“Eyes and Vision”

Area physicians visit the Public TV 13 studios to answer phoned-in questions from viewers during this live broadcast. Host Dr. Jennifer Dehlin welcomes guests: Ophthalmologists Dr. Neil Winkler and Dr. Sean Rooney. Call in your questions during the broadcast at 800-227-9668.
Thursday, March 23 at 8 pm ET
Repeats 3/24 at Noon ET

Pictured: Dr. Marian Diamond. My Love Affair with the Brain: The Life & Science of Dr. Marian Diamond
How can you not fall in love with a woman who carries around a preserved human brain inside a giant flowery hat box? Meet Dr. Marian Diamond, renowned academic and research scientist, and prepare to be smitten. She's a warm, funny, and thoroughly charming woman who describes her 60-year career researching the human brain as “pure joy.”
Thursday, March 23 at 10 pm ET
Repeats 3/24 at 2 pm ET

March Program Highlights

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Boxed In program title graphic Watch Barnes-Hecker: Memories of a Misfortune Online
Commemorating the 90th anniversary of the 1926 Barnes-Hecker Mine tragedy, WNMU-TV presents an encore of our 2001 documentary based on the book "No Tears in Heaven" by Thomas G. Friggens. Includes the original 35-minute program, 10 minutes of extra interviews as seen on the DVD, and a new introduction and interview with Mary Tippett, co-chair of the 2016 Barnes-Hecker Remembrance.
Local and PBS programs are available in our video player at wnmuvideo.nmu.edu

teams on High School Bowl set Watch High School Bowl Online:
2016-17 Season Games Now Available
Join host Jim Koski for our 39th High School Bowl quiz tournament. U.P. and northern Wisconsin teams compete in a battle of speed and knowledge. Exercise your brain, play along and cheer on your local team. Shows posted.
Local and PBS programs are available in our video player at wnmuvideo.nmu.edu

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March Program Highlights

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