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50 Years of Public Broadcasting in Upper Michigan

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WNMU-TV celebrates 50 years on air

Since WNMU-TV started broadcasting in December 1972, we have been pleased and honored to bring 50 years of valuable, educational and entertaining TV programming to the people of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and Northeastern Wisconsin. 

We have been able to share intriguing stories from our area by producing documentaries like Barnes-Hecker: Memories of a Misfortune, Superior Destiny, One Room, Many Stories: Shoolhouse Memories, and more. We also continue to bring our viewers important medical and social information through ongoing programs like our Ask the.. Series and Media Meet, as well as working with our local schools to produce High School Bowlour most popular local production–every year. And, we are proud to be working closely with Northern Michigan University to broadcast and stream NMU's commencement, Public Eye News, and other area events and productions.

Over the past 50 years, we have gone by many names including WNPB (Northern Public Broadcasting), Public TV 13, and now WNMU-TV PBS. We have expanded into 4 broadcast channels (13.1: WNMU-TV PBS, 13.2: PBS Kids, 13.3: WNMU-PLUS, 13.4: Michigan Learning Channel) that provide education and entertaining content 24/7 to our viewing area.   WNMU-TV has seen many changes and upgrades throughout the last 50 years, yet we have much more planned for our future. We can't wait to show you what we have in store!

WNMU-TV would not be here today without the many generous contributions from our viewers over the years. Please consider renewing your partnership with us to continue supporting your local PBS station. With your support, we hope to continue our tradition of public broadcasting in Northern Michigan and Wisconsin for another 50 years. We couldn't do it without viewers like you. Thank you!