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WNMU-TV Program Patrons

Support your favorite series in a special way. We give you credit before and after the program with your name or business name on the screen along with a brief audio message.

Pledge Now with our online pledge form.

$60 per week

High School Bowl

Show your support for High School Bowl during the week of your choice, Saturday at 8 pm ET and Monday at 2 pm ET.

$80 per game

High School Bowl Question Sponsor

Sponsor the cost of questions & your name will be announced during the game.

High School Bowl

Game Schedule for High School Bowl Patrons

Support your local High School Bowl team on the day their game is shown --season tournament schedule available here.

$100 per month

Washington Week

For news & views from the Capitol, be a program patron for the month of your choice, Fridays at 8 pm ET.

$60 per Saturday

Saturday Outdoor Sports

4 credits between 3:30 & 6:30 pm ET on the Saturday of your choice .

$60 per week

Antiques Roadshow

Sponsor Roadshow encores for the week of your choice on the Saturday 9 pm ET repeats.

$100 per month

The Lawrence Welk Show

Sponsor an entire month of the 5 pm ET Sunday repeats of your champagne music favorite.

$60 per week

World News America

Select a week of live world news coverage at 6:30 pm ET (2 credits daily, around the program time chosen.)

Become a Program Patron
Contact us Monday-Friday, 8-5 pm ET by calling 800-227-9668 or 227-1300 to arrange your day, week or month. Thanks for your support!

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