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WNMU-TV Program Patrons

Support your favorite series in a special way. 

We give you credit before and after the program with your name or business name on the screen along with a brief audio message. Scroll for popular program options, or contact us directly if you want to support a program not listed below. 

Become a Program Patron Today

Contact us Monday-Friday, 8-5p ET by calling 800-227-9668 or 906-227-1300 to arrange your day, week or month. Thanks for your support!

Choose Your Favorite Programs to Support:

$60 per week

High School Bowl

Show your support for High School Bowl during the week of your choice, Saturday at 8p ET and Monday at 3p.

$80 per game

High School Bowl Question Sponsor

Sponsor the cost of questions & your name will be announced during the game.

$100 per month

Washington Week

For news & views from the Capitol, be a program patron for the month of your choice, Fridays at 8p ET.

$60 per Saturday

Saturday Outdoor Sports

4 credits between 3:30p & 6:30p ET on the Saturday of your choice.

$60 per week

Antiques Roadshow

Sponsor Roadshow productions for the week of your choice on the Tuesday 3p ET and Saturday 9:30p repeats.

$60 per week

BBC World News America

Select a week of live world news coverage at 6:30p ET (2 credits daily, around the program time chosen).

$100 per Month

Lawrence Welk Show

Sponsor an entire month of the 5p ET Sunday repeats of your champagne music favorite.

$60 per Thursday

Michigan Out of Doors

Sponsor Michigan Out of Doors at 9p ET on the Thursday of your choice.

More Ways to Support WNMU-TV: