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Fresh Coast Flashback 2023

Thursday, December 28

Each year we are proud to broadcast fan favorites from the Fresh Coast Film Festival held annually here in Marquette, Michigan. Each film we air is hand picked specifically with you, our viewers, in mind. They highlight subjects that are important to the people of the Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin, such as local history, environmental issues, and humanitarian efforts being made. 

This year, we are presenting the following films on Thursday, December 28 starting at 8/7c on WNMU-TV PBS (channel 13.1). Scroll down for the evening's broadcast schedule as well as more information on each film.

Fresh Coast Flashback

Block 1: Local Stories

I Built a Fire (Official Music Video)

The official music video for Michael Waite’s song “I Built a Fire,” filmed around a towering bonfire.

Crossing the Height of Land

Crossing the Height of Land

We join a group of hardy friends, on their 25th annual, week long, February expedition, traveling and living outdoors in harsh subarctic wilderness despite approaching old age.

The Birth of the Modern Snowmobile

A short documentary chronicling the story of Carl Eliason, the inventor of the modern snowmobile as told by his granddaughter, Jona Eliason. Film and music by Nate Sheppard.

Yooper Wisdom

Yooper Wisdom

Embark on an insightful perspective into the realm of empowered “Yooper” women residing in Michigan’s remote Upper Peninsula. Meet Kim Kee and her extraordinary circle of healing artist friends, all gifted with special talents that have developed a distinct spiritual bond with the expansive outdoors. Step into her world as she shares
the wisdom gathered from the secluded natural haven, including her unique ability to connect with nature through interspecies communication.

Block 2: National Stories

Of Wood

Of Wood

Experimental animation done by carving images into a large round of wood. 

The Conservation Kid

The story of young activist, Cash Daniels, working to protect the Tennessee River. The film also highlights the Tennessee River Gorge Trust who invite Cash to their bird observatory to show him the impact of his conservation efforts on the river's ecosystem.

River of Angels

Most people think of it as a sewer but the L.A. River is just like any other river. With the natural sections loaded with fish, ducks, and other wildlife the LA River is a vital natural habitat that must be protected and revitalized.