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WNMU-TV Sustaining Partnership

Become a Sustaining Partner With Your Ongoing Gift of Support

Giving made easy! As a Sustaining Partner, you decide how much you want to give to WNMU-TV PBS and how often. You designate the installment amount to be transferred from your bank, credit union or credit/debit card account. It is then electronically transferred to our WNMU-TV account. A record of your donations will appear on your monthly bank, credit union or credit/debit card statement. Your partnership is automatically renewed each year without you having to do anything, so you can rest easy knowing you are helping to pay for the programs you value.

Become an Sustaining Partner Today:

Download a printable PDF brochure which includes answers to frequently asked questions, an enrollment form, and all the information you need to set up a Sustaining Partnership with WNMU-TV. OR give WNMU-TV Member Services a call at 800-227-9668 and we will send you a Sustaining Partner brochure in the mail.

NMU Payroll Deduction

If you are an employee of Northern Michigan University, you can fulfill your pledge to WNMU-TV and become a Sustaining Partner by using our Payroll Deduction form. Here's how:

  1. Decide how much you want to contribute to WNMU-TV per pay period, and when you'd like to start.
  2. Download, complete, and sign the payroll deduction authorization and mail it to: WNMU-TV, 1401 Presque Isle Ave, Marquette, MI 49855; or use NMU Campus Mail to send to WNMU-TV.
  3. Sit back and relax. Your contribution will be automatically deducted each payday and, if you choose, your deductions can continue until further notice.
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Passport Available to All Sustainers

All of our Sustaining Partners are eligible for WNMU Passport, our most popular member benefit that provides you with extended access to an on-demand library of PBS programs.

WNMU-TV Sustaining Partner Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use either my checking or savings account?
Yes. If you choose to use your checking account, send us a voided check, which will have all the information we need. If you choose to use your savings account, simply send us a deposit slip from your account and indicate that your gifts should be drawn from your savings account instead.

How do I change my installment amount?
If you would like to change your amount, please call Member Services at 800-227-9668 and we will be happy to assist you. If you are using a credit/debit card for your Sustaining Partnership we will need your complete card number and expiration date to make any changes.

What if I have questions about my bank/credit union or credit/debit card statement?
Please contact Member Services at 800-227-9668 if you have any questions regarding your statement, or if you have other questions or concerns. We will work with you to correct any problems and answer your questions.

How do I change my credit/debit card expiration date?
If you are using a credit/debit card for your Sustaining Partnership, please call Member Services at 800-227-9668 when your card expiration date changes. Since card numbers are NOT stored in our donor database for security purposes, we will need your entire card number again in addition to your new expiration date.

Can I still get a thank-you gift and/or station benefit for my donations?
Yes. When you become a Sustaining Partner you may select a thank you gift and/or station benefit according to your annual giving level. You also have the option to select a thank you gift and/or station benefit each year when you get your anniversary letter if you haven’t already done so.

Are my donations still tax deductible?
Yes! We will send you a tax receipt every January stating your total donation amount from the previous year and the fair market value of any thank-you gifts you received during that calendar year.

What if I need to stop my Sustaining Partnership?
If you need to stop your Sustaining Partnership automatic transfers simply contact Member Services at
800-227-9668, or send us a request in writing. If you contact WNMU there is no fee to stop your Sustaining Partnership draws. DO NOT contact your bank or credit card provider to stop your Sustaining Partnership, they will charge you for the service.

More Ways to Contribute to WNMU-TV: