Download Program Guide and Schedule Grids
Download and print our WNMU-TV monthly program guide, FanFare, and monthly schedule grids for primetime and daytime on our 3 channels.

Click here for a complete March schedule.

About Our Channels:

Public TV 13 broadcasts 24 hours per day on three digital channels: WNMU-TV PBS (13.1) our primary channel featuring the best of PBS and locally scheduled programs in high definition; WNMU PBS Kids (13.2) featuring the PBS Kids 24/7 channel in standard-definition; and WNMU-TV Plus (13.3) featuring the PBS west coast feed, plus locally scheduled series 7-10 pm Monday-Friday.

WNMU-TV PBS (13.1), our primary channel, is found on both Charter Spectrum Cable channels 13 and 783 in HD (782 in Sault Ste. Marie.) WNMU PBS Kids (13.2) is available on Charter Spectrum Cable channel 199. WNMU-TV Plus (13.3) is found on Charter Spectrum Cable channel 195 (197 in Sault Ste. Marie.) Availability varies with your location, your subscription tier and your TV receiver. NMU's information channel (with audio from WNMU-FM Public Radio 90) is on Charter Spectrum channel 190 where available. If you have questions about receiving WNMU-TV on Charter Spectrum Cable, please contact Charter's Customer Support Center at 800-545-0994.

WNMU-TV PBS, WNMU PBS Kids and WNMU-TV Plus are also available on many smaller cable providers. Please contact your local cable subscriber for details.

WNMU-TV PBS Channel 13.1HD is also available to Dish Network and DirecTV satellite service subscribers located within the 10-county Marquette Designated Market Area. See a coverage map on our About Us page. Find out more about how to receive our three channels, and antenna reception on our How to Watch page.

WNMU Passport:
WNMU-TV Partners who make a yearly contribution of $60 or more (or ongoing $5 per month as a sustainer) are eligible for WNMU Passport, our newest member benefit that provides you with extended access to an on-demand library of PBS programs. How to get WNMU Passport

If you have questions about our online schedule or digital broadcasts, please email us at