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13.1 Schedule Updates

9/25 at 4a: Hacking Your Mind "Us vs. Them"

9/25 at 9p: L’empreinte (Footprints)
Description: The renowned actor Roy Dupuis discovers how our historic encounter with the First Nations was a determining factor in the construction of Quebec’s collective identity. It may even explain many fundamental aspects of our society… Why, then, have French Canadians denied this part of themselves for so long? *(Note: Professor T will resume Friday, 10/2 at 9p ET)
9/25 at 10:30p: Art in the 21st Century "Beijing"
9/25 at 11:30p: Arts in Context "Flamenco India"

9/27 at 3p: Change of Practice

10/15 at 9p: PBS Newshour Debates 2020(2 hours)

10/22 at 9p: PBS Newshour Debates 2020(2 hours)

10/30 at 10:30p: Washington Week "2020 Election Special"


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