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13.1 Schedule Updates

9/18 at 8:30p: Off the Record "Guest:James Craig, (R) Candidate for Governor"
Description: It is a special correspondents edition of off the record with Chad Livengood, Zoe Clark, Jim Kiertzner and Emily Lawler. Plenty of news this week, the James Craig launch for governor, a relationship between two lawmakers makes news, a deal on the new state budget, and more COVID outbreaks in Michigan schools around the state. 

9/18 at 1:00p: A Craftsman’s Legacy "The Ski Makers"
Description: Eric hits the slopes on handmade skis he makes with son and father team Jeff and John Thompson.

9/25 at 1:00p: A Craftsman’s Legacy "The Jeans Maker"
Description: Eric Yelsma has been drawn to sewing since a teenager. Now his shop makes jeans from American sourced, sustainable fabric that is constructed and sold in Detroit. Host Eric Gorges gets to stitching, confirming threads do make the man.

9/25 at 8:00p: Roadtrip Nation: Skill Powered
Description: Follow three young adults as they shadow people across the country who are forging their own ways within their trades.

9/27 at 3:00p: Roadtrip Nation: Skill Powered

13.3 WNMU-TV PLUS Schedule Updates

9/18 @ 11:00p: Independent Lens "Man on Fire"
Description: An elderly white Texas minister set himself on fire to protest the virulent racism of his community.

9/19 at 12:00a: Latino Americans "Foreigners in Their Own Land"
Description: The first Spanish explorers in North America and the US expansion in the Southwest are examined.
9/19 at 1:00a: NOVA "Bat Superpowers"
Description: From caves in Texas to labs around the globe, scientists are decoding the superpowers of the bat.

9/20 at 1:15a: Muhammad Ali "Round 1: The Greatest (1942-1964)"
Description: Cassius Clay rises from boastful amateur boxer to contender for the heavyweight championship.  
9/20 at 3:30a: Austin City Limits "John Legend and the Roots"
Description: John Legend and the Roots perform "Wake Up Everybody" and more protest soul classics in 2011.
9/20 at 4:30a: Muhammad Ali "Round 1: The Greatest (1942-1964)"
9/20 at 7:00a: Open a Book, Open the World: The 2021 Library of Congress National Book Festival
Description: Enjoy highlights from this year's National Book Festival with a celebratory sense of renewal.

9/25 @ 11:00p: Independent Lens "Black Memorabilia"
Description: From the South to Brooklyn to China, meet the people who reproduce and reclaim black memorabilia.

9/26 at 12:00a: Latino Americans "Foreigners in Their Own Land"
9/26 at 1:00a: Voces on PBS "Porvenir, TX"
Description: Discover the true story behind the 1918 massacre of 15 Mexican men in this tiny border town. The film asks what led to the events of that fateful night and reveals the tensions that still remain along the border a century later.
9/26 at 5:30p: ACL Presents: 50 Years of Asleep at the Wheel
Description: Enjoy a special hour of ACL performances by Austin's Western swing faithkeepers Asleep at the Wheel.

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