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WNMU-TV Debuts New Studio Set Design

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WNMU-TV is unveiling a new studio set design this week, which will provide unique opportunities for the station and new learning experiences for the Northern Michigan University students who participate in Public Eye News and other local productions. 

Changes to WNMU-TV include a new set, new lighting and updated graphics. The set features three HD monitor displays, black-lit LED walls and increased in-studio staging locations.

NMU students will be able to further their education with modern broadcasting technology in a professional setting. Hands-on learning with state-of-the-art systems will aid them in their future careers in communications. 

“The new set better prepares our students for the challenges they will face at any TV station in any size market,” states Patrick Lakenen, WNMU Public Media General Manager. "These changes provide our students space and tools to deliver daily, community-based newscasts at a professional level.”

Tune in to WNMU-TV to see the set in action! It will be featured week days at 4/3c on Public Eye News starting this Thursday, and throughout other local productions from WNMU-TV PBS.