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WNMU-TV Local Content and Service Report 2022

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WNMU-TV Local Content & Service Report 22

WNMU Public Media provides cultural and educational resources that make a difference in our community. WNMU-TV’s mission is to provide the communities in our region with programming and media services that inform, inspire and educate. WNMU-TV has updated our report that highlights our impact on our local community over the last fiscal year (July 2021-June 2022). This includes keeping the public informed on important, evolving COVID-19 information, as well as health/wellness and educational initiatives throughout the year. 

This annual report is now mandated by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, but we are glad to go through the process because it allows us to report back to you, our local community and our Partners in Programming.

We hope you enjoy reading about WNMU-TV’s contributions to our region’s culture, education and safety during 2022.

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