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Program guide covers
Each monthly issue of FanFare lists our schedule, highlights upcoming shows and includes a handy primetime grid that displays an entire month of evening programs so you won't miss the programs you've been looking forward to. FanFare is the most accurate source of program information, and it's one of the best ways we have to show you how your financial support is being used. Many stations have discontinued printed guides, but we know our Partners love FanFare. We will mail a printed copy of FanFare to you with your annual gift of $20 or more!

FanFare includes:
  • Primetime and overnight schedule listings for our Primary Channel 13.1 and our PLUS Channel 13.3
  • Daytime grids for 13.1 and 13.3
  • 24-hour grid for WNMU PBS Kids 13.2
  • Center spread primetime grid for 13.1
  • "Fresh Airings," highlighting new and interesting programs for the month
  • Call-outs with photos highlighting special programs
  • Call-outs with the monthly schedule for each locally-produced series
  • Credits in the listings for our Underwriting Partners on their special day
  • List of our Underwriters and Program Patrons for the month.
Download a free PDF file of the latest FanFare issue, plus separate Primetime and Daytime Grids on our Downloads page.